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Dog Owners & Hardwood Flooring

Should you take your dog under consideration when choosing hardwood flooring? Yes! Providing the right hardwood flooring for your home if you are a dog owner is important because your dog will spend as much time on the flooring as the rest of the family.  Luckily for you, we are the Atlanta hardwood flooring favorite of many dog owners. Check out these points when considering choosing hardwoods as a dog owner:

Dog owners should be concerned with the color, gloss, and hardness of the woods they choose. Choose a species of wood that has the hardness and ability to resist dents and scratches.

It is good to consider floors that are light in color. This can prevent the visibility of your dog’s hairs on the floor. If your dog is lives inside the house, stay away from hardwood floors with a glossy finish, they tend to scratch easily, which are visible under a reflected light.

Moisture is another big concern for dog owners. Moisture from dog urination & spills from feedings on flooring is always a possible. When feeding your dog on hardwood flooring, use a waterproof surface to prevent any moisture going to the wood flooring.

If you keep the above tips in mind when thinking of choosing your next flooring from  Atlanta Wood Masters , you will have the perfect flooring for your dog and you.