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Choosing The Right Flooring

Hardwood flooring is becoming insanely popular in the today’s homes, and with the high demand also come many varieties of wood designs to choose from! Here are some tips for choosing the best flooring for your home!

Choosing between engineered wood and natural wood is a prime decision when purchasing new flooring. Engineered wood is made of both plywood and composite material and works well in high moisture environments such basements and bathrooms. Natural wood is somewhat stronger but also expands and contracts according to the temperature which can lead to problems in moist areas.

Once you’ve chosen the kind of hardwood to install you can determine what sort of grain you will use. There are uniform, mismatched, wide, and narrow types of grains to choose from. The wider grains tend to make your area look larger and more detail is expressed in the wood.  Narrow grain can make your home look more rustic and especially looks nice in older home and smaller rooms. A mismatched approach could give your room a fun vibe while a uniform grain can give it an air of importance.

The species of the wood can also determine how the pieces will look once installed. Oak and Maple are the most commonly used species of wood due to their resistance to wear and tear. Hickory, Walnut, Cherry and many other exotic woods can also be found.

Next you will want to choose the color of the stain. Light or dark? Shiny or matte? There are several different hues you can apply to finish off your flooring that will make any room come alive! The best thing to do when considering your new flooring is to fit it to your tastes and with the styles of the furniture and objects around it.

Most of all make sure that your flooring is installed correctly and that you are happy with the finished product! Hardwood is extremely beautiful and can add value to any home!